Mississippi Social Security Disability

Here in Mississippi there are nearly three million residences, and of these residences a great percentage of them may be entitled to Social Security disability benefits. Not to mention, two thirds of these applicants will be rejected on their initial application.

A skilled Social Security disability lawyer will direct you in the right direction to ensure a verdict or settlement is ruled in your favor. In addition, it has been proven that by using a disability lawyer can increase the probability of having a Social Security disability case ruled in your favor.

In a recent study conducted by the United States Social Security Administration, it proved that the processing time for the average Social Security disability applicant was three to five months. This number was also greatly affected by the number of applications being processed at that time.

Likewise there has been an additional study done that showed nearly 700,000 pending applications were being processed on a regular basis.

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Who is Paying for Social Security?

From the day we begin working a small percentage of Social Security is being taken out of each paycheck.  Currently the percentage that is being deducted for employees is 6.2 percent of earnings, while employees are paying 12.4% of earnings.

At the time this may seem like an unfair chunk of hard earned money to be taken out, however when we are in need of Social Security disability we will be grateful for paying this percentage as it is required in order to receive your Social Security disability benefits.

Once we qualify for our Social Security disability benefits, we could receive a variety of different benefits depending on each situation. The average Social Security disability benefit numbers are as follows:

$1,100.00 for disabled workers

$1,185.00 for widowers or widows over the age of sixty

$1,320.00 for retirees

$1,878.00 for married and disabled workers with children

$2,487.00 for a widowed mother of two children

Note: the maximum allowable monthly benefit for a retiring worker 66 and older is $2,487.00

I’m Interested, What’s Next?

Keeping in mind the high percentage of applicants that are being rejected on their initial application, the best option would be to find a Social Security disability lawyer. Start today by filling out the “Free Disability Evaluation” form for a free case evaluation. This will help determine if you are eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits.

In most cases an attorney will not charge a fee until an applicant is eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits. At the time at which a successful verdict or settlement has been made an attorney will then charge for their services.

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